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Clopton Nursery Trust at Thomas Jolyffe School is a non-statutory provision for early years education. However, there is a proven link between attendance, punctuality and children’s attainment. As part of our ‘Home Nursery Agreement’ parents commit to bringing their child to Nursery regularly.

Clopton Nursery Trust is committed to promoting excellent levels of attendance and punctuality, enabling our children to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

Regular attendance and punctuality are important because:-

  • Absence and lateness affects children’s ability to participate and benefit from the curriculum.
  • Children who arrive late disrupt the routine of the nursery and the work/progress of others.
  • Poor attendance and punctuality may result in a child finding it difficult to settle, to become involved and to form social relationships.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality help to instill good habits and promote the development of a positive attitude towards school.

Strategies for Promoting Regular Attendance and Punctuality

  • The importance of regular attendance and punctuality is stressed to parents through:-
  • Induction meeting with the Manager
  • The Nursery’s Prospectus.
  • Discussion with child’s Key Person, informally and during Parent Consultations.
  • Attendance letters sent by the Manger, informing parents that their child’s absence is being monitored as it is a cause for concern.

The times and procedures for registration are made clear to parents and staff and these are followed consistently.Staff work continuously to create an environment in which children and parents feel welcome and want to be a part of.

Procedures for following up absence

  • Staff note all absences, by using the appropriate symbol in the register.
  • First day response procedures are followed for every child whose parents have not already contacted the nursery.
  • A staff member will telephone the parents/carers to enquire the reasons for the absence.
  • Parents/carers are politely reminded of nursery’s policy and their responsibility to inform the nursery of the reasons for their child’s absence.
  • All notes from parents regarding a pupil’s absence will be stored in the child’s registration folder.
  • If a child is persistently late or absent the manager will contact parents and if this continues the manager will invite the parents into nursery to discuss the problems.

RESPONSIBILITIES Clopton Nursery Trust

  • Clopton Nursery Trust is responsible for supporting the attendance of its children and for dealing with issues which may lead to non-attendance.
  • We aim to work in partnership with parents.
  • Clopton Nursery Trust, as required by Warwickshire Education Authority, will complete attendance registers twice a day, at the beginning of each nursery session.
  • Clopton Nursery Trust will differentiate in the registers between absence for medical reasons, holidays, authorised absences and children who have arrived late.
  • Staff actively discourage lateness and registers close at 08:50 and at 12:30.
  • Arrival after these times will be marked as ‘late’ and parents are asked to record on the signing in sheet the reason for the lateness.
  • Poor attendance and punctuality will be followed up by the Manager.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children have access to early education and to ensuring that their children attend regularly and punctually.

Parents should:

  • Ensure that their children arrive at nursery on time, properly dressed and ready to learn.
  • Work with Clopton Nursery Trust to resolve issues which may lead to non-attendance.
  • Notify Clopton Nursery Trust by telephone if their child is absent, on the first day of absence.
  • Try to avoid making medical or dental appointments during Nursery hours.
  • Try to avoid taking holidays during term time