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Famly is the Nursery Platform we use for all our administrative needs, including invoicing, registration, etc. It also provides parents with a ‘real time’ view of what their children have been doing at nursery and is our way of communicating with parents.

We keep an online learning journal for each child via our Famly program.   Your child’s learning journal helps us to celebrate together her/his achievements and to work together to provide what your child needs for her/his well-being and to make progress.

Your child’s key person will work with you to keep this record. Together you will collect information about your child’s needs, activities, interests and achievements. This information will enable the key person to identify your child’s stage of progress. You and the key person will then decide on how to help your child to move on to the next stage.

You will receive login in details and will be able to upload photos and achievements to a secure profile. You will be able to review their profile at anytime and see observations, photos and assessments.

You can download the Famly app via the app store, or please follow the link to access via desktop https://app.famly.co/#/login