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Clopton Nursery Trust Notification of Leaving Form

Clopton Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6TE

01789 269360,

Charity Number: 1060253

You are required to provide us with at least one month’s notice of withdrawing your child. If insufficient notice is given you will be responsible for the full fees for your child for one month from the date of notice. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details.

A final invoice will be issued reflecting the fees chargeable for the remaining period that your child attends – together with any previously invoiced amounts which remain outstanding.

I confirm that   ______________________________ (insert child’s name) will be leaving
Clopton Nursery Trust on ______________________________ (insert date) and hereby give the
required one month’s notice period.
Name of parent/guardian ______________________________
Signed ______________________________ Date ______________________________
Because we are always seeking to develop and improve our services we would be grateful for a response to the questions below. All feedback is treated confidentially and is greatly valued.
1. How long has your child attended our setting? __________________ Years __________________ Months


2. Which age group does your child attend? 0-2’s / 2-3’s / 3-5’s


3. Why is your child leaving? Cost Starting school Attending another setting


Other __________________


4. How would you rate the standard of care and education your child has received? Very good Good Satisfactory Poor