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Please include comments and actions for each question answered ‘No’.

Audit Area

Yes No Comments Actions to be taken
Has the setting planned and implemented a behaviour strategy?
Does the setting have a named and suitably skilled behaviour coordinator as per the EYFS safeguarding and welfare requirements?
Is Leuven’s assessment scale for children’s well-being and involvement used in the setting?
Are the dynamics of the setting managed to ensure a balanced intake of children? (For example, age, needs and sex of children)
If used, are approved methods of rewards and sanctions used consistently by all staff?
Do all staff understand and apply the same approved methods for intervening in minor incidents of unwanted behaviour? (For example, conflict resolution approach)


Audit Area Yes No Comments Action to be taken
Are all staff trained to understand:
§  Methods for initial intervention, identification and analysis of unwanted behaviours
§  Methods for adapting/changing behaviours
§  Appropriate reward and sanctions methods
§  Alternative communication systems
§  Safeguarding
§  Inclusion
§  Emotional literacy
§  Risk assessment



Audit Area Yes No Comments Action to be taken
Do all staff understand and use an approved method for identifying and analysing unwanted behaviours? (For example, antecedent, behaviour and consequence chart)
Do the policy and procedures on behaviour incorporate related EYFS requirements?
Are policy and procedures relating to ‘management’ of behaviour reviewed and updated annually?
Do children have regular access to an outdoor environment?
Are all areas of the indoor and outdoor play environments uncluttered and defined?
Is there sufficient space for children to move around freely in all areas of the play environment?
Do children have access to quiet areas?
Is there control of natural/artificial light in play areas?
Audit Area Yes No Comments Action to be taken
Can the temperature of the play environment be controlled?
Is the internal play environment free from unnecessary noise?
Are there sufficient general resources for children of all ages and abilities?
Are unfavourable acoustics in the play area managed to prevent noise distortion? (for example,. introduction of  soft furnishings, canopies etc)
Are supplementary methods of communication used in the setting? (For example, signing)
Are pictorial symbols used to improve children’s understanding of the daily timetable? (For example, picture exchange communication)
Are known trigger points for conflict in the setting managed?
Name of behaviour coordinator person completing the audit: _________________________ Date: _________________________
Name and signature of manager overseeing the audit: _________________________ Date _________________________
Review date: _________________________