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Policy statement

We are committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We recognise that workplace stress is a health and safety issue and acknowledge the importance of identifying and reducing workplace stressors.

Definition of stress

The health and Safety Executive define stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them.” This makes an important distinction between pressures, which can be a positive state if managed correctly, and stress which can be detrimental to health.


  • Clopton Nursery Trust will identify all workplace stressors and conduct risk assessments to eliminate stress or control the risks from stress. These risk assessments will be regularly reviewed.
  • Clopton Nursery Trust will consult with Trade Union Safety Representatives on all proposed action related to the prevention of workplace stress.
  • Clopton Nursery Trust will provide training for all managers and supervisory staff in good management practices.
  • Clopton Nursery Trust will provide confidential counselling for staff affected by stress caused by either work or external factors.
  • Clopton Nursery Trust will provide adequate resources to enable the manager to implement the company’s agreed stress management strategy.



  • Conduct and implement recommendations of risks assessments
  • Ensure good communication between management and staff, particularly where there are organisational and procedural changes.
  • Ensure staff are fully trained to discharge their duties.
  • Ensure staff are provided with meaningful developmental opportunities.
  • Monitor workloads to ensure that people are not overloaded.
  • Monitor working hours and additional hours to ensure that staff are not overworking.
  • Monitor holidays to ensure that staff are taking their full entitlement.
  • Ensure that bullying and harassment is not tolerated within their jurisdiction.
  • Be vigilant and offer additional support to a member of staff who is experiencing stress outside work e.g. bereavement or separation.
  • Support individuals who have been off sick with stress.
  • Refer to workplace counsellors or specialist agencies as required.
  • Monitor and review the effectiveness of measures to reduce stress.


  • Raise issues of concern with your manager
  • Accept opportunities for counselling when recommended.

Legal framework

Further guidance

  • The Health and Safety Executive.
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