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Policy statement

Enter here your policy statement.

This should contain what your setting is aiming to do, and, in broad terms, demonstrate how and why you wish to fulfil this policy. You may also state what the policy or procedure is based on, i.e. if you are referring to a reputable organisation’s template.


  • Detail here what procedures your setting has put in place to carry out the policy, and what will happen under certain circumstances. State where relevant, who in the setting is responsible for what and how they can be contacted. Refer to local or national contacts also if needed.

Legal framework

  • List here the relevant Acts of Parliament that form the foundation of the legal requirements for this policy or procedure.

Further guidance

  • List here any Government documents that provide guidance on abiding by the relevant legal framework.
This policy was adopted by ____________________ (name of provider)
On ____________________ (date)
Date to be reviewed ____________________ (date)
Signed on behalf of the provider ____________________
Name of signatory ____________________
Role of signatory (e.g. chair, director or owner) ____________________